Founded in 1987, Porcel S.A. is a prestigious brand and manufacturer of fine porcelain

Located in the heart of Portugal, Porcel combines handmade tradition and technological innovation into the making of each piece, resulting in high quality, creative and elegant porcelain products.


For Porcel, the selection of materials is very important and each product is designed, shaped and moulded according to strict accuracy standards. Porcel porcelain fires at 1400ºC and is known to be very white, shiny and resistant.


Offering a wide range of products and investing in research and development of new models, new collections and custom made solutions, Porcel makes efforts to follow the latest trends and market demands, annually presenting new collections at relevant international events.

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  • Mission

    To create, produce and trade porcelain solutions with excellent customer service, with skilled and motivated staff, and the cooperation of the remaining interested parties, aiming for the sustainability of the company.

  • Vision

    Become a reference in the conception of porcelain solutions.

  • Values

    Team Spirit

  • Positioning

    Porcel: Porcelain Solutions

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