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Flagship Projects

A selection of our most relevant national and international projects
  • Anna Wheaterley 2

    Tableware Collections by

    Anna Wheaterley

    Dinnerware collections manufactured for Anna Weatherley, mostly comprised of different plates, cups and saucers. These porcelain pieces feature compelling shapes and lively colours, all topped with the classic golden outline.

  • Cire Trudon Egg 0

    Porcelain diffuser

    Trudon L’Oeuf

    L’Œuf, by Cire Trudon, is an extraordinary piece of porcelain that transcribes the level of precision Porcel can attain. This is a 14 cm biscuit piece that features a smooth uniform curve surface. The hollow core of the oval shape has proven to be a significant achievement of the Studio Porcel team, both for its challenging nature and remarkable results.

  • Poly 0

    Poly by

    LEMUR - design studio

    "Poly is an object that could be unapologetically non-intentional. It can stand on its own as a decorative piece as well as be the support for different objects.

    A tray can be more than a flat surface. POLY holds and arranges the small things we usually can't find a place for."

  • Tsé Tsé Lamps 0

    Porcelain lamps

    Tsé Tsé Assocciées

    Lovely lamps in porcelain. The light diffused is soft and nice. Made of porcelain, the Cornet Lamp captivates us through their elegance and simplicity.

  • Michelle Obama 0

    Luncheon Gifts for First Lady

    Michelle Obama

    Porcel was the choice of the 1st American Lady, Michelle Obama, for gifting her guests on her first official lunch.
    This project was developed a decoration, placing the inscription related to the lunch on the backstamp.

  • Shrine Of The Báb 1

    Haifa (Israel)

    Shrine Of The Báb

    Porcel collaborated in the reconstruction of the Shrine of the Bab in Haifa (Israel), considered of "exceptional value" in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO.


    It took three years of research for Porcel to develop a tile with guarantee resistance to adverse weather conditions, such as acid rain, sand storms and temperature differences, maintaining the color of the pieces.


    The 12,000 pieces of 120 different sizes and shapes were coated with 26kg of 24K gold, were tested under rigorous tests which predicted a guaranteed life of 200 years minimum, higher than the original tiles, that lasted 40 years.

  • CitiBank 1

    200th Anniversary


    Citibank is the second largest bank in the United States of America, based in New York it is part of the Citigroup Fnc, the seventh most valuable brand in the world and the first in banking and investment.

    Porcel produced the gifts for the celebration of the 200 years of Citibank, which were distributed in more than 120 countries worldwide, having produced about 300 thousand pieces of porcelain. For Porcel this was a detailed operation that required cared logistics, so that everyone could receive the pieces in the exact date worldwide.

    With this project Porcel proved to have an excellent capacity of response, a close customer service and an accurate technical development. Together with our North American partner Mottahedeh, Porcel proved to be an international leader in porcelain solutions.


    Tableware Collections for


    The Maharajah Express is the six-time winner of “World’s Leading Luxury Train” and we are proud to produce tableware pieces used in their dinning carriages. Elegance and luxury are always present alongside products developed by Porcel, as we aim to create not only a splendid setting, but also premium table moments.

  • Michael Aram 1

    Tableware Collections for

    Michael Aram

    Exclusive collections and pieces for our American client with the international brand Michael Aram. The most striking feature is the combination of biscuit and glazed porcelain on the same piece. From geometrical designs to complex organic motifs, Porcel manages to meet the client’s high standards for these tableware sets.

  • MET - Metropolitan Museum of Art 2

    Tobacco Leaf for Mottahedeh

    MET - Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Tobacco Leaf collection has a high reputation in the United States of America market. Distributed by Mottaheded, the original antiques can be appreciated at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

  • MOMA - Museum of  Modern Art 1

    Tableware Collections for

    MOMA - Museum of Modern Art

    Porcel collection Mettallic, 100% hand decorated with a unique technique developed by Porcel, was one of the curated tableware selections for the museum gift shop that had a criteria based on the uniqueness, elegance and exclusiveness of products.

  • Assembleia da República 0

    Pieces for

    Portuguese Republic

    In 2016, the celebration year for the 40th anniversary of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Porcel was the brand responsable for the design and production of some limited pieces, the decoration was inspired by the embossing on the original 1st edition cover on the Constitution book.

  • Busto da Assembleia da República Portuguesa 0

    Bust for

    Portuguese Republic

    This custom made sculptural piece is one of the examples of Porcel's expertise in custom made development.

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